Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church

COVID Restrictions

Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church has a COVID plan in place.  We will be following specific instructions given by the Vic Government (DHHS). To clarify a few points:


UPON ARRIVAL:  Please use the hand sanitiser at the front door and follow the instructions on the posters. You are no longer required to show your vaccination status.   

MASKS: Masks are no longer required.

UNWELL:  If you are feeling unwell with a runny nose, cough and even a slight raised temperature, please do not come to church.

AIR CIRCULATION: Fresh air will be circulating plus heating/cooling according to the weather.

OFFERING: Please continue to use direct bank deposit as you have been for the past few months.  If you do need to give cash, please place it in an envelope, and there will be a brown box on the back table for you to use.  Offering plates or bags will not be used during the service.