Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church

COVID Restrictions

Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church has a COVID plan in place.  We will be following specific instructions given by the Vic Government (DHHS). To clarify a few points:


UPON ARRIVAL:  Please use the sanitiser at the front door and check in with the QR Code using your mobile phone.  There will be a person available to help you with this task. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can check in with the person sitting at the opposite table.  Proceed towards the auditorium where you will be met by another person to help you with seating according to the 1.5 metre distancing COVID rule.

SEATINGWe are to follow a density quotient of 2 sq metres and a distance of metres between people.  Please feel free to sit together if you are a family or members of the same household.  If nott, please leave a distance of 1.5 metres (equivalent to 3 blue chairs in the auditorium) between you/your group and the next person.  Once the quota of persons has filled the auditorium, if more room is needed, you will be directed to seating in a separate section of the church where the service will also be screened.

MASKS: Do not have to be worn indoors providing that a 1.5 metre distance is maintained between people.  However, if you want to sing, it is recommended a mask be worn (except for the speaker or person who is up front leading). Masks are not necessary outside, as long as a 1.5 metre distance is maintained. 

AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE SERVICE: Please vacate the building to give the cleaners an opportunity to sanitise the building in preparation for the next service.  Feel free to chat outside using social distancing requirements

UNWELL:  If you are feeling unwell with a runny nose, cough and even a slight raised temperature, please do not come to church.  We will live-streaming the messsage from the service.

AIR CIRCULATION: Fresh air will be circulating plus heating/cooling according to the weather.

OFFERING: Please continue to use direct bank deposit as you have been for the past few months.  If you do need to give cash, please place it in an envelope, and there will be a blue box on the back table for you to use.  Offering plates or bags will not be used during the service.