Kangaroo Flat Baptist Church

  • Spring has Sprung!

    Spring has Sprung!

    It is that time of the year when the days are getting longer and the sun beats more warmly on our backs. It’s the time when trees begin their budding and the buzzing of bees and … more

  • Persevering against Adversity

    Persevering against Adversity

    In this COVID-19 period many businesses have struggled and some have become insolvent. Lockdown restrictions have been stressful on many business owners and also … more

  • A Pilot for the Journey of Life

    A Pilot for the Journey of  Life  

    A while ago we visited the “Rip” on a pleasant day, the sun was shining and the seas were calm. The “Rip” is the 3.2 kilometre-wide body of water between Point … more

  • Mother's Day - a Time to Express Gratitude

    Mother's Day – a Time to Express Gratitude.

    The celebration of Mothers Day began back in 1908…encouraged by Anna  Jarvis of  West Virginia, USA. It became an official holiday in the United States in … more

  • Forgiveness Sets Us Free

    Forgiveness Sets us Free.

    It was at the top of the Cape Bryon Bay Lighthouse – the most easterly point of Australia – when I met some YWAMer’s (Youth with a Mission).  One of these was a young … more

  • Lest We Forget

    Lest we forget. 

    Sir William Deane, while Governor-General of Australia said these words in an ANZAC Day address: "Anzac is not merely about loss. It is about courage and endurance and duty and love … more

  • The Most Significant Moment in My Life

    The most Significant Moment in my Life

    Back on June 26th 2000 one of the world’s great scientists stood alongside the U.S. President at the White House  as the announcement was made informing the … more

  • An Easter Message - "Life in the Blood"

    An Easter Message -  “Life in the Blood”

    A text message came from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service a  while ago  reminding me I had an appointment with the a blood donor centre.  I am grateful … more

  • Fact or Fiction?

    Fact or Fiction? 

    I spent some time a while ago attempting to observe  the elusive platypus in a stream in the Atherton tablelands of Queensland.  Finally after much  waiting while standing … more